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After twenty years of making a difference in my patients' lives as a physical therapist and owning my own private practice in the Houston, Texas area, I decided to make a full career change in 2017 in order to pursue my true passions and deepest purposes in life. My goal now is to make an even bigger positive impact on a greater number of lives through my books, public speeches and various media appearances (including podcasts and radio interviews). I plan to also launch my own coaching practice and line of products to help people reach their full potential in life by Fall 2019!


The Round of Your Life

The Round of Your Life was my very first book, released in June 2018. Its premise is simple: What if your life was like a round of golf? What hole would you be on and what would your scorecard look like? In this book, I share a personal example of how I have used the events of my life to come up with a score for my round. I also show readers how they too can apply my unique scoring method to come up with a scorecard for their own life, and to draw an insightful perspective on the many wonderful lessons that life and the game of golf has to offer. Please visit the book's website to learn more: www.golfroundofyourlife.com


A Real Life Huper Sero

My second book is a wonderful, silly, fun read for parents and kids alike! I am the proud father of three young children currently all under 10 years of age, so parenting is one of my biggest passions. My goal for this book is to to help parents connect with their young children at the elementary grade level. If you could merge Dr. Seuss with Calvin & Hobbes and DragonBallz, that would be the best description for this book! 

In it, our hero Muper San the Super Man battles against Mackward Ban the Backward Man in order to save Planet Noom from the evil villain's curse of turning and flipping everything backwards, inside out and in reverse! Can you imagine what a world that would look like? Well, you don't have to; all you need to do is get a copy of this book. You'll love the fun and laughter that you share with your children, nieces, nephews and any other special young person in your life! Get your copy and start making memories reading and laughing together today!

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